Why post on social media?

Why blog, post on LinkedIn, Facebook, or any social media for that matter?

A friend of mine Don Packett did a talk some years ago about *why we should post things online.

The message was a simple one:

Just. Add. Value.

Help people think differently, positively challenge their views, inspire, motivate — and if you’re funny, make them smile.

It resonated with me at the time but I didn’t do anything about it for years. Historically I’d been ‘that guy’ throwing bricks from the sidelines trying to be clever but this year I’ve chosen to put myself out there and as trite as it sounds, try to make a difference. Following the Don’s advice.

If I can help one person think differently in startup land that’s a win in my book. So expect to keep seeing me in your feeds I’m afraid (feel free to unfollow if annoying). And I’d encourage you to do the same.

We won’t be Hemingway in a week but let’s get posting!

Exited Entrepreneur, now a VC. Investing in business automation tech startups at seed stage. I write from both sides of the desk.