Digital Government. Could such a thing work?

Could technology help us run the country?

In a bout of insomnia early this morning I watched the Dominic Cummings interview. It didn’t help. I ended up laying there all night in a ball of rage and disbelief. It wasn’t Laura Kuenssberg’s finest hour BUT that aside, how could such a low rent individual live at the heart of govt. for so long and what kind of a person would hire him?

I know that some of what he said was true — we need smart people running the country. I know the timing is now. And I know that tech can be part of a smart solution.

Thoughts poured over me. What can be done? What could I do? What do I know? How can we change the system? Can a digital platform be built? Would it help?

We need a trusted system that attracts smart people to do smart things. Not one filled with professional politicians whose only mandate is reelection.

The principles of such a platform:

- One that naturally attracts smart people
- Removes the need for professional politicians
- Creates visibility and transparency

So the unanswered questions are:
- Is something like this even possible?
- Could technology help run the country effectively?
- Is there a role for startups to build such a thing?

What do you think?

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