I went through the last 100 startups I said no to and have compiled the top 10 key reasons for rejection when approached for investment. There may be some themes here to help.

Number 1 was the highest scoring at over 40%. The others are often in combination but you’ll get the gist.

I thought it would be useful to see why we say no. I’m sure there are themes for other investors in here too, so I hope useful to founders.

I joke that as a VC I say no for a living, but I actually take it really seriously and it’s my personal mission to see as many smart founders succeed as possible.

Any thoughts or questions add a comment and I’ll explain the process. (The more you know the less time you’ll waste dealing with people like me :)

How should we think about posting on social media?

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How do you hire the right people for early stage startups?

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Dan Bowyer

Exited Entrepreneur, now a VC. Investing in business automation tech startups at seed stage. I write from both sides of the desk.

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